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Whether you are working as a sub-contractor and need to keep your customer “in the loop” or you just want to efficiently inform and manage your engineers on the road, Kolara360 mobile workforce management software provides the right information to the right people at the right time. Kolara360 is simple to get you up and running. There is no installation and it is very “intuitive” to work with across all platforms.

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Quick Connection

For instance, you have your own website/domain e.g. (you can modify logo’s and colour schemes) To simplify daily use and at Log In, users have 4 levels of “privileges” to choose from; a) Admin b) Manager c) User d) Read only


Kolara360 users can view all jobs, live jobs and jobs that a going into rebate the soonest. (see service level agreement reports below) You can also filter jobs on a priority basis etc. to find what you need even quicker. Kolara360 screens refresh/update every few minutes with new data and companies (e.g. facilities management companies) can have many customers reporting problems which are listed all together. The customer however only sees their individual problems (different views against logins). You can win business by setting service level agreements against jobs. e.g. An emergency will be attended within 2 hours. Customers can see the status updates as they happen. No batch processing. When the engineer puts an update on the system everyone in the loop knows about it.


View staff locations without installing any hardware. We simply use their iPhone to send the location back to base.

Live Information

View outstanding/live jobs on a map together with user locations and live traffic updates. Then simply click on the colour coded pin points to drill down to see further details or click on the link to return to job history.


Periodic inspections can be reported and uploaded to give a site history.

And we look after the ££££’s too!

With our mobile workforce management software you can create chargeable works from a pick list or produce quotations and you can upload pics and documents to support quotations or report problems. This can be stored and viewed by future users to support potential problems.

Standard Kolara360

As well as all the features such as:

  • Quick and simple connection
  • Network overview
  • Fast Interaction
  • Efficient communications
  • Interactive mapping
  • Customisable data

Standard Kolara 360 also has: Auto alertsAutomatic alerts to on-call engineers. Inventory trackingOnce a customer’s parts list is loaded to the system, engineers can update the system as parts are used. Service Level Agreement ReportsSet up your contract terms, priorities and categories and schedule your reports to provide precise information on targets, KPI’s etc. Contract times can vary from 24/7 reporting to weekday 07:00 only. You can even stop and start the rebate clock when problems occur that are out of your control (e.g. 3rd party comms down). UK based company with local service and supportPick up the phone anytime and speak to an engineer.

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Custom Kolara360

We understand that your requirements are probably different to everyone else’s, so we have built into our standard package enough ‘personalisation’ time to have Kolara up and running for you, quickly simply and with no hardware installs. Customised to your specificationMost personalisation is for logos or simple header text and menu text which is FOC. We can also enter your existing data to get you up and running quickly. However, our experience shows that once you have experienced the benefits of Kolara you may wish to customise further e.g. specific reports, exporting to third party software, linking between other systems etc. New functionalityExamples of customisation include new rules such as the engineers must enter clearance codes or parts used before clearing the job. Others include creating other fields to search against or even new functionality such as users rejecting engineer clearances based on price or wrong information. FormsInspection forms can be uploaded or created so that users can click/check/type forms as they inspect assets or sites. Input from the teamAnother area we have found to be of benefit is in customising Kolara ‘from the ground up’. In other words with your engineers requirements on site. Kolara is a flexible and adaptable system enabling input from all the team to achieve optimum efficiency. BrandingYou can tailor your own system by choosing your own domain name and put in place your logo, colour schemes and text to match your branding. When clients then login to your website e.g. www.jobloggsfacilities.com, they see straight away they’re at the right place. SLA’sAnother example would be where a change in service level agreement is required. For instance, where your contract states that a job could have an additional week to clear it if the engineer classed the job as a ‘Temporary Clear’ due to a problem sourcing parts. Other clients place rules into the system such as engineers must have an ‘In attendance’ status before a clearance.

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