Who we are

For over 20 years Kolara has been delivering software solutions to help managers, mobile technicians and engineers make informed decisions based on all the information available.

Meanwhile, Kolara360 can provide the mobile engineer with not just a job list for task management but also, all the information to enable them to understand the wider picture and what is the best way to complete their tasks.

Kolara are a software engineering company dedicated to delivering solutions that help your business run efficiently.

Key Philosophies

1. Empower the user to enable them to make informed decisions.

2. Present the user only with the correct data that they need.

3. Use the latest technologies to innovate and improve our products.

We have been around for a long time. Beginning with a single PC connected to a barcode scanner, we enabled warehouse staff to scan labels to speed up the picking of goods and goods in. Our focus has always been led by efficiency, enabling you to get the maximum out of your resources.