database software development


highlights of our software

Quick Connection - Get going today

No hardware/software to install, a simple browser interface which can run on all platforms.

Phone Support - Allocated Phone Number

Using your support number you can speak to a experienced technician directly


For the price of a sim card you can start saving your customer details

30 mins - Sign up and talk to us

Whatever level you are at we can provide training to get you started. Its easy!

Upgrade anytime...

Start with the standard package and you can upgrade anytime. Tiny start up costs

Advanced features

You can run a team of engineers, with job scheduing, and schedule of rates

Email/ text issues

email and text mesaging features available to notify on call engineers

Import old data

We can import your old contacts into our databases.

Inspection forms

Upload inpection forms for easy access. Use can even use your existing documents and spreadsheets and upload them directly

Iphone App

Use iphone app to track engineers location


Using Maps to view customers locations, staff will not get lost


Upload pics to support any issues

Found a bug or a suggestion

Send us an email and we will give you a thumbs up

What our customers say


“the speed of access and versatility. It is Web based so easily accessible from anywhere.”
“the people we are working with – a forward thinking and looking company”
which has allowed us to have small changes made to the system easily & quickly. Urgent questions are answered urgently and they are happy to listen to development ideas and look to implement them quickly”
has been to supply and continuously improve a specialised Fault Management System that has helped us to manage & deliver our maintenance contract”
develop and customise our service offering to individual contract requirements and can be amended easily at set up to meet the clients expectations”
as it is also web based, means that we did not have to install or maintain any specialist hardware or software”
The previous system and other providers depend on exchange of significant packets of data where the web based system allows real time updates to be logged and recorded against each and every entry making all entries auditable.”
by being able to access the system 24/7 from anywhere. Web access allows flexible working, out of hours fault checking etc.“
meaning that we have been able to monitor faults at a site with ease to identify and resolve problems.”


Just some of our prices, need to invoice just send us a message below via our contact form

Starter Monthly - 50 Jobs

great starter package

login with many devices (Fair usage)

view customer history

enter new customers using post code search

70% of Pro functionality

Professional Monthly - 500 Jobs

engineers can view their own workload

email and text messaging

assign jobs to individual engineers

advanced reporting

upload docs and pictures

Enterprise Monthly - 2000 Jobs

out of hours notifications

engineer tracking using smart phone

auto on-call engineers notifications

schedule of rates

spares and stock allocation

Customer Relationship Management

the right information to the right people at the right time

login and preview the starter software

View all Features


View all Features


View all Features


Application Programming Interface

Get external data into your app. API allow external application to process information from an external source. If you need help please get in touch to discuss solutions. Below are a few API's that we have intergrated into application.

Companies House API

Allow your website to search Companies House for information regarding UK companies. Click below to view companies house features

Companies house API API

Allow your website to process live data from BetFair, one of the leading UK bookmakers. Click below to view betfair API features. If you need a betting website call us.

Betfair API

PostCode/Address finder

Need a Address finder? We can intergrate an address finder into your website/app


Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Open Mon - Fri 0900 - 1700

South coast UK, 2 Joseph Street, Gosport, PO12 1NT

02392 510443

Get your documets on-line with 1 click

If your company uses inspections, surveys, timesheets, quotes, invoices, agreements (any document) that has been developed on Microsoft Word or Excel and mobile staff need to upload them to a central store quickly and easily.


Users require a Windows device e.g. tablet or laptop with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel installed. By using tablets, users can sign documents using a stylus or other pointing device.


We place some code behind the document to save and upload the document back to the server. Users can upload the documents with one click to a secure website. If the users can’t get online, it saves it automatically so can be uploaded later.


Next steps

Phone or email anytime to discuss any issues you have. We can tailor the software to your needs. Send us your documents so you can try before you buy.


Requirements Microsoft Word/Excel. Windows tablet or laptop. Optional stylus for signatures


£10 per user per month. Big discounts on over 10 users.



Starter Professional Enterprise
Login using all devices
Login multiple engineers
Text and email notifications
Upload multiple documents
Track Engineers
Advanced reporting
Assign Individual Engineers
Engineers can view their own work load
Auto notifications for on-call staff
Pick from schedule of rates
Service level agreement timings
Spares and stock facilities